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Web-Based Handoff Education (Ohio State University Students)

Welcome, Ohio State students, to our Northwestern University handoff curriculum. As a part of your training, you have been asked to complete a series of web-based patient handoff exercises. Each of these web cases is taken directly from a real-world Northwestern patient (with names removed and dates changed). These 10 patients all experienced an adverse event due to a “handoff error.” Five cases are inpatients with signout errors; five cases focus on discharge transitions. Each case highlights important teaching points and, hopefully, will drive home the point that handoff errors can harm real patients.

Please follow these steps below to take our curriculum. The surveys are linked. When you complete step 1, it will automatically take you to step 2. However, if you do not want to complete them all at once, you may come back to this site and click on the desired link.

Expected time to complete the curriculum:

  • Registration & Pre-Test: 20 minutes
  • Inpatient Handoff Cases 1-5: approximately 15 minutes per case
  • Discharge Handoff Cases 1-5: approximately 15 minutes per case
  • Final Handoff Review: 20 minutes
  • Total teaching time: approximately 3 hours

Read each case and answer the initial questions briefly. Do NOT spend more than five to 10 minutes on the initial page. After you submit your initial thoughts, you will be given the “correct answers.” Please spend as much (or more) time reviewing the correct answers as you did on the initial cases. The take-home points are all discussed in detail at the end of each case.

Step 1: Complete the registration form.

Step 2: Complete the pre-test.

Step 3: Complete Inpatient Cases 1-5 at:

Step 4: Complete Discharge Cases 1-5 at:

Step 5: Complete the final Handoff Review & Course Evaluation.

Step 6: Complete the post-test.


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