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Chief's Message

Thank you for visiting the Division of Infectious Diseases at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. The division is committed to understanding the underlying mechanisms of infectious diseases and developing new and more effective ways to treat and ultimately prevent them. This commitment is seen through our unwavering dedication to research, clinical care, and education.

Funded by multiple NIH Institutes and Centers as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the division had long been a leader in translational and basic research. We continue to host an array of transformative investigations including the Center for AIDS Research, The Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study, The AIDS Clinical Trials Group and the HIV Outpatient Study. By embracing a collaborative approach across disciplines and organizations and through the use of new technology and computational tools, we have gained insights into the complex systems dynamics of HIV, influenza, and Dengue virus infection; better characterized the ability of HIV to replicate, evolve and adapt unnoticed in lymphoid tissue of apparently robustly treated hosts; and explored and elaborated upon the many aspects of antimicrobial drug resistance.

The division pairs its research efforts with great clinical expertise. Our clinical faculty offer an exceptional depth and breadth of specialized patient care through the facilities of Northwestern Medicine, a center of clinical excellence for rare and common infectious diseases. We are able to achieve remarkable treatment results, in part, because of the research that informs our expert care. Our goal is to further our understanding of fundamental problems in biology and medicine and apply this understanding to the compassionate, patient-centered care we provide.

We foster the career aspirations of promising physician scientists through an ACGME accredited fellowship program with research support from a T32-Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Institutional Training Grant. The training experience is designed to meet the specific goals of each fellow, thereby facilitating a transition to a successful and fulfilling career in academic medicine.
With our dedicated and talented faculty and staff and a commitment to excellence, we will continue to play a key role in defining the biological underpinning and treatment of infectious disease.

Babafemi O. Taiwo, MBBS
Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases

Babafemi O. Taiwo, MBBS