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We provide care for acute medical problems and chronic diseases, and we have nationally recognized programs to provide the preventive care people need to stay healthy.”

— Jeffrey Linder, MD

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Rachel O'Conor

Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine) and Medicine (Geriatrics)

I am a health services and public health researcher. My research focuses on understanding cognitive and psychosocial determinants of chronic disease self-management behaviors and health outcomes. I am interested in the design and evaluation of pragmatic, health system and community-based self-management support interventions for chronically ill adults who experience significant social and economic hardship. Additionally, my research seeks to understand and address self-care complexity for individuals with multiple chronic conditions and bridge the gap between complex medical systems and indivi...

Anne Furey Schultz

Clinical Instructor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine)

Dr. Schultz' practices general internal medicine. She has a particular interest in women's health and preventive medicine.

Daniel A Hidaka

Clinical Instructor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine)

I am a primary care provider specializing in internal medicine. I am currently only accepting patients in a retainer practice based model, also referred to as "concierge medicine." My goal is to develop long-term relationships with patients in order to focus on their comprehensive medical care, while emphasizing ownership of the patient as a whole. In this model of care, I am able to offer extended visit time with each patient with increased availability and accessibility. I offer same day or next day appointments, email, text and cell phone communication as well as routinely visiting my hospi...

Jason Scott Mathias

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine)

Primary Care

Michael S Wolf

Professor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine) and Medical Social Sciences (Outcome and Measurement Science)

My work focuses on 1) the study of cognitive, psychosocial, and health system factors that affect a person's ability to successfully manage health, and 2) the design of practical, scalable interventions to help individuals and families access, understand, and use health information to make appropriate health decisions and adopt recommended behaviors. Our HeLP lab has particular interests in aging, multi-morbidity, medication regimen safety and adherence. Most of our work is interventional and leverages health and consumer technologies as appropriate to 'hardwire' patient education, counseling,...

Joseph M Feinglass

Research Professor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine)

Joe Feinglass, PhD is a Research Professor of Medicine in the Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. Dr. Feinglass is a health services researcher with a degree in Public Policy Analysis. He has over 25 years of experience in health policy, quality improvement, health disparities, medical informatics, patient safety, and social epidemiology research with over 200 peer reviewed publications.

Beatrice Nardone

Research Associate Professor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine) and Dermatology

Dr Nardone’s research focuses on pharmacovigilance and previously undetected and/or undefined drug adverse events and co-morbidities utilizing real world data related to dermatology. As a senior researcher with RADAR (Research on Adverse Drug events And Report) and through the detection of safety signals from “big data “, Dr Nardone effectively conducts data mining that utilizes various data sources, including the FDA and other national database as well as electronic health records, to report new associations that reflect serious adverse events and comorbidities relatable to dermatology practi...

David M Liebovitz

Associate Professor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine) and Preventive Medicine (Health and Biomedical Informatics)

Research interest is focused on the evaluation of electronic systems and their abilities to support safe and efficient clinical care and in the design of new electronic systems.

Eric W Terman

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine)

I have been deeply involved in medical decision making from the perspective of psychological and fact driven decisions. I enjoy nearly all aspects of managing general medical problems from cholesterol to autoimmune disease to travel medicine... I try to maximize my patients health and quality of life.

Amy A Henning

Clinical Instructor of Medicine (General Internal Medicine)

I am interested in general internal medicine and dealing with complex medical problems in patients throughout their lifetime. I enjoy forming relationships with my patients to fully understand an individual patients needs in order to optimize medical and/or behavioral therapy for that patient.

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