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Harnessing the creativity, engagement and leadership of our faculty and staff, the Department of Medicine develops advances that resonate across the nation, determine best practices, and are guided by our core mission: Patients First.”

Susan E. Quaggin, MD

Landsberg Society

The Landsberg Society connects former Medicine housestaff for professional exchange and continuing medical education in a virtual alumni community.



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Diversity Council

The Diversity and Cultural Affairs Council works to create an environment of inclusion and support for people of varying backgrounds.

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Academy for Quality and Safety Improvement

AQSI is a professional development program for medical professionals that equips them with tools to enact meaningful change. Through formal training and a team project, participants learn to lead quality improvement initiatives that impact their practice, colleagues and patients.

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Stay In Touch

Former residents and fellows of the Department of Medicine can reconnect with us, connect with other alumni, stay informed of the latest news and give back with a generous donation.

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