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The Division of Geriatrics faculty include innovative scientists who have established programs in investigation across a wide range of topics, including improving the uptake of preventative health behaviors, exploring how electronic health record data can be used to improve health outcomes and performing outcomes research in social determinants of health.


Learn about the work conducted by labs within our division.

Research Centers and Programs

The Osher Center for Intergrative Health

  • The division collaborates with the Osher Center for Integrative Health at Northwestern University, which aims to be a recognized leader in innovative integrative medicine patient care, education and research to inform and promote a healthcare system that optimizes health, promotes whole-person wellness and prevents chronic disease.

The Center for Applied Health Research on Aging and The Pepper Center

  • The Center for Applied Health Research on Aging (CAHRA), a member center of Northwestern's Institute for Public Health and Medicine, is dedicated to promoting informed decision making and actions leading to optimal health and well-being among individuals and families over the life span.
  • Northwestern is proud to join 15 other top-tier research institutions in the national network of Older American Independence Centers (OAICs) and contribute to the advancement of aging-related research. The OAICs are also known as Pepper Centers. Our Northwestern Pepper Center’s mission is to improve primary care management of older, more medically complex adults living with multiple chronic conditions (MCC). We will identify and train future leaders in geriatrics and gerontology research through mentorship, sharing of resources, and pilot projects.

The Potocsnak Longevity Institute

  • The Potocsnak Longevity Institute brings together scientists and experts across many disciplines to study populations that seem resistant to negative consequences of aging with a goal of discovering what makes them unique. We believe that a deeper understanding of how aging works can lead to future therapies and lifestyle interventions that expand the healthspan for all people.

Clinical Trials

View ongoing clinical trials related to geriatrics.


Read about the latest discoveries within our division.