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The Division of Rheumatology has faculty members involved in all phases of the cycle of medical research, from the lab bench to the bedside and back. Medical research begins in a laboratory, with studies that are concerned with the fundamental biologic functions of the body's tissues and the ways in which those functions are disrupted in disease. The knowledge generated in the laboratory is then validated in the real world, putting it to practical use and pointing the way towards actual changes in patient care. Finally, analysis of the outcomes of current and new therapies allow us to identify areas where interventions are working or not working, and is the way by which new medicines and other new treatments come into widespread use in actual medical practice.

T32 Training Grant

The Rheumatology T32 Training Grant trains highly competent MD and PhD investigators to conduct patient-oriented research leading to improved care for patients with arthritis and related conditions.


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Research Centers and Programs

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Clinical Trials

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